FORTUNAVIA founders | Jana&Stanislav Cihlář

The Beginnings of Fortunavia: Skipping Ropes Born from a Simple Idea

The story of Fortunavia, a family-run business, began in 2021. It all started unexpectedly, with a desire to give our wonderful neighbors a unique gift. Our first skipping rope came to life as a handcrafted present for their children.

Unexpected Joy from a Gift

The excitement of our neighbors receiving the handmade skipping rope overwhelmed us. Their warm reaction and genuine delight in the unique gift for their kids sparked a flame, eventually leading to the creation of Fortunavia.

Fortunavia is Born

What began as a simple idea soon transformed into a dream. People started reaching out to us, requesting skipping ropes, and we enthusiastically shared our passion for this beautiful sport. Located near Prague, we craft our skipping ropes with love, either by hand or in small batches using modern machinery. Even our family gets involved in the production! Whether it's the parents' free time or the children's summer jobs, everyone contributes to the process.

Our Company Philosophy

Our company is built upon four pillars:

Quality: We use only the highest quality materials and ensure meticulous craftsmanship. Our skipping ropes undergo thorough testing to guarantee maximum durability and reliability.

Originality: Our skipping ropes boast unique designs. We constantly develop and innovate our products to meet even the most demanding needs. We collaborate with leading athletes to refine the functionality and ergonomics of our skipping ropes.

Joy: We aim to spread the joy of movement and bring happiness to people through our original gifts. We believe that skipping ropes are fantastic tools to improve physical fitness and provide fun for the whole family.

Respect for the Environment: We use wood, a renewable resource, and carefully consider the materials used in our production. Our goal is to ensure our products are not only durable but also sustainable and natural whenever possible. We prioritize eco-friendly production and minimal waste.